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Monday 5/18/2020

What a few weeks! I know I have largely been absent from this page and truthfully, from advocacy in general. I have really been struggling to find traction within our community now that so many stylists are back to work. I can only imagine how tired everyone is, so I'm definitely not angry, just tired myself. Trying to advocate for the whole country is challenging, because each state has its individual needs and even within each state, there is fighting among professionals in our industry about what the best option is for reopening.

I've decided, for now, to take a step away from trying to gain federal attention and am going to focus on my home state, Michigan. We are still closed and awaiting guidelines and an opening date to be released. I have been emailing our elected officials like a madwoman, and have realized it ALL works better with a reliable team supporting your efforts. It is for this reason that I am joining hands with Michigan Assoc of Beauty Professionals to help get some answers. I hope that some of our combined efforts force change for the whole industry across the country.

Thursday 4/30/2020

I've been trying to balance my home life with this advocacy project, because as many out there probably know, I am pretty much running this show on my own. I know that it may seem like I am not doing much these days, but a lot is happening behind the scenes, and NONE of it can take place without all of you.

I recently contacted my state's US Senators, (again) and I have posted the new letter on the Legislator Look Up page along with the others. I think that our movement- the one we have ALL created by signing the petition and by each of you following this page and our social media accounts- is in danger of stalling if we are writing our elected officials. The petition can only go so far without our follow-up letters to our leaders. I implore each of you- copy and paste the sample letter (or better; draft your own story into an email) and send it to your elected officials. More importantly, KEEP sending them! They are busy people right now, so it might take the 10th time for them to see we are not backing down!

Monday 4/27/2020

I don't know about any of you, but I am having all the big feelings for those who went back to work in states like GA where the shut down orders were lifted. I know how badly we all want this to come to an end, and how desperately we all need the income again, yet....

I can't be the only one though who is nervous about reopening plans though, am I? The list of requirements (and "recommendations") coming out of GA seems to put us in PPE like that of COVID unit health care workers. 

1) Who is paying for all that PPE? The restrictions on how many clients can come in during the day are going to affect our income, and we will have our day-to-day expenses (business and personal) to keep up with. Just the additional time necessary to sanitize before and after a short hair cut  is equal to an additional short cut in my chair. By effectively doubling the timing of some of my services, I am cutting in half my income, yet I MUST open if my state does, as I will likely lose unemployment benefits.

2) Where are we going to get it, since we already know there are shortages? My dear friend is an ER nurse and had to use the same N95 mask and face shield for 2 weeks. Those are expected to be disposed of between every patient. We will be expected to wear masks and have our clients wear masks, be gloved, have amply hand sanitizer (does ANYONE out there even have hand sanitizer? Has it gone extinct?) I would love to know who is going to be supplying these items to our industry, since the health care industry could really use some items. 

Friends, I encourage you. Reach out to your state leaders, your cosmetology board and your state legislator. Ask them these questions, ask them your own. But please, make your voice heard so that we can all get some answers. And when you get some info, please share it with me at unitingbeauty.org

Saturday 4/18/2020

As I'm sure many of you know, the SBA announced that the relief funding it put in place to help small business and the self-employed workers had run out of money. I needed a couple of days to digest this, as it was a devastating blow to almost 94% of those who applied. I am going to skip right over the politics around where all the money went- there's enough bad news going around right now. 

I am happy to announce that in my absence to mourn, GlossGenius and Beauty Industry Updates stepped up to the plate and created THIS PETITION to get the attention of Congress, who is currently negotiating how to pump more money into the Paycheck Protection Program. 

Now more than every, your voice matters. Reach out to your state's federal legislators and tell them why voting to FULLY FUND the PPP is vital to our industry of small business and self-employment.

THURSDAY 4/09/2020

I promised some updates, and I don’t want to let anyone down. I am desperately trying to move us away from the change.org platform, because after speaking with them, they are unwilling to disable their request for money. I instead want to focus on bigger and brighter things, and I have some exciting news to share, hopefully very soon!

It’s been a very busy week in the Snyder house. As you can see, I spent some time creating this website, which is also a first-time thing for me. A very generous friend of mine, Karen Tadd, offered to let me use her website building software to create it. Of course, because I’m touching it, sometimes it doesn't work so well. *insert eyeroll here* I wasn’t meant for the tech world folks, as you all can plainly see. 

The most AMAZING THING is that tomorrow, I am partnering with GlossGenius to do a LIVE webinar to help us all navigate the Covid-19 Relief efforts. Things like unemployment benefits, the CARES Act, and the SBA and PPP loans will be discussed in detail. You can even apply for your PPP through an SBA lender that partnered with GlossGenius. The link for the webinar signup is HERE and the link for the application is HERE

Monday was pretty epic, as I recorded a podcast with the Handsome App founders, April and Nikki Dominguez. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out Handsome, I would encourage you to. Think of it like a LinkedIn for our indstrusty. There’s a link to their website view-only on the Collaborators page, but to have full access to all the great things they offer, you need the free app. Currently they are IOS only, but these wonderful women assured me an Android version is on the way (they even have an email/waiting list for it!) As soon as I catch wind that the episode has aired, I will post a link to it on the Kristin in the Media page. (As a side note, I find it INCREDIBLY WEIRD that there is even such a thing, because until all this, the only time I was in the paper was in high school, and that was due to sports!)

Tuesday found me chatting with Corey Gray and Tony Stuart on their one of a kind podcast, Hairdustry: Your Day Off. I’ve been missing this podcast my whole life! The guests that have been on in the past are tremendous inspirations to our industry, so I was honored beyond belief to be invited to talk with them about the movement we are all making here together. And I’ll be damned if that didn’t lead to a conversation with none other than Presley Poe herself! I’m still in shock, not gonna lie. 

It’s been a wild ride this week, that’s what I’m trying to say folks. I hope that I see each and every one of you tomorrow at the live webinar so we can help get some of your questions answered! Happy Thursday night!

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