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I am the true small business owner in America, and I was denied relief through the CARES Act. My business trusted that which was promised and continued to keep those on payroll paid. I paid rent to my landlord for the empty work space so that I would have employment once I am able. I believed that by doing the right and honorable thing for my community the government would see me. 

The 116th U.S. Congress, the President and the SBA have shown our entire industry disrespect by putting other companies who have less need for relief ahead of the true small business owners.

60% of salons will struggle with back rent, employee back-payroll (labor laws), and personal finances. 40% of Independent contractors will also be affected, and an estimated 30% of personal care businesses will be forced to close permanently!

I am at the heart of every American’s story. I have poured literal blood, sweat and tears into my business. We are an industry that sees Americans on the best and worst days of their lives. We are behind EVERY well-groomed employee, every CEO and government official who presents themselves professionally. We motivate our clients to want more from their life, and we are there to help pick up the pieces when things sometimes fall apart. 

Though my business’s finances do not compare to Ruth’s Chris Steak House,I am among the largest collection of licensed professionals, across all categories in every state. We demand you hear our voice and we demand to be treated fairly in all future COVID-19 financial relief efforts.

My voice will be heard! #unitingbeauty

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My (insert your Beauty Worker's title, name social media handle here)  has seen me on the best and the worst days of my life. They do not just put color on my hair or cut it. They have been with me through my celebrations and have never judged my tears. My hairstylist is not just styling my hair; they have been a stable and safe home for me and my emotional health whether I am happy, stressed out, or sad.

You have overlooked an industry that cares for all of us, an industry that touches us more than any other. You have deprived an industry that exists behind the scenes so that we can shine in the spotlight of our own lives! These workers have sacrificed their livelihoods during the shut-downs across our country, yet all of the relief funding they should have received has dwindled to nothing. 

Show the personal care industry that they matter!  #unitingbeauty


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