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Please feel free to use as is, or edit to include your own personal story

My name is Kristin Snyder, and I am the creator of the original Change.org petition, Save Our Salons. With over 1.2M supporters, it was a triumphant success, broadcasting the beauty industry's voice during this economic shut down.

With reopening looming on the horizon, we in Michigan have been paying close attention to other states that already have reopened. While it is possible to reopen under new regulations and requirements, I urge you to consider the pressures we will face when given an opening date. 

1) Finding the necessary PPE  has been challenging for the healthcare industry, as you well know. Those supplies NEED to be allocated for essential workers, especially N95 masks, but due to services we render, N95 masks may be required for stylists to wear if we are faced with clients who cannot wear a mask of their own

2) Paying for use of disposable PPE will be hard for many small salons. Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, disposable capes, disposable aprons, face shields, etc....expenses will add up fast, especially with reduced time for clients due to social distancing measures, (single booking when we would normally double book), and the time needed to disinfect between

There's mounting pressure to reopen our economy, and maybe even more so my industry.  I too am to go back to work! I am concerned, however, about the ability to generate income given the probability of reduced services and the potential of losing unemployment benefits once we are reopened

I urge you to please consider expanding “under-employment benefits” to the beauty industry while we transition back to full time employment. I realize that we are not usually eligible for unemployment or the Michigan Workshare Program, however, due this pandemic it's estimated that 20% of beauty professionals will be forced to shutter their businesses and close permanently. Please fight for our industry's health and add the expansions so we an continue to support our families and communities when MI reopens


Hello (insert legislator's name here),

I am writing you once again to request your help. All across our country, the workers in the personal care/beauty industry are suffering. There isn't a lot of room for passive income for us, as we cannot participate in curbside retail pick up/drop off due to shelter-in-place laws prohibiting driving. To expect us to ship retail to our customers is impossible as the costs of shipping are themselves prohibitive, especially now on our VERY limited funds. As you may have seen, there has been fighting within our community about whether our businesses need to remain closed for safety's sake or be allowed to reopen under strict sanitation regulations. A salon owner in Texas has made headlines all week, defying her state's order to shut down.

Why is this bickering happening? Why did Shelley Luther in TX reopen? I will tell you why; we are running out of money to care for our families! Yes, sure, the PPP and the SBA's EIDL efforts are supposed to be helping us, alongside the stimulus checks and unemployment/PUA benefits. But many of us aren't getting ANY of that money right now. States across the country are STILL not set up to handle self-employment claims, and because many of us pay into the IRS each year, there are few that have bank information on file to receive timely stimulus money.

I know that you and your colleagues are very busy. I understand the challenges that you are facing, and know everyone is trying work as quickly as possible to help the country's workers. I am begging you, please bring my industry to the front and center when you have financial relief discussions. We need immediate access to funds in order to continue to provide for ourselves and our families, not to wait in line behind businesses with 499 employees. We need stimulus money available immediately, not error messages and checks sent in November.


Kristin Snyder

Hello (insert Legislator's name here)

I know that you are very busy these days. I just need moment of your time, to encourage you to push for extra funding for the PPP.

(On March 15th, I started a petition on change.org asking my federal government to help small businesses and self-employed workers, specifically those of us in the personal care service industry. With over 1.2 MILLION signatures of support, we waited to be included in relief legislation. We thought our prayers were answered with the passage of the CARES Act, yet as we all discovered recently, only a small fraction of those who applied were able to secure funding. I won't get into the details of why, because I think it's common knowledge at this point that too many mid-sized and large businesses benefited instead. And here we are again, waiting in the shadows.)

We usually exist behind the scenes, helping our clients to shine in the spotlight. We are essential to life as we've all known it- without us, you and many of your colleagues would lose your professional appearance on television, in advertisements, and at the office. We are the massaging hands after a long day, easing muscle tension and stress. We are the hygiene providers to the elderly, and those who have disabilities.

But we are struggling to stay afloat during this pandemic crisis. Our businesses are closing permanently and the literal blood, sweat and tears we have poured into building our professional lives is disappearing down the drain. We have sacrificed so much to be successful: time away from our families so we can work evenings, summer weekends spent indoors so that others can attend BBQs and parties looking their bests.

I know it's easy to fight for what you think is best; I've been doing it now for over a month, and still haven't received a day of unemployment benefits, a cent from the PPP or any notification from EIDL. I have felt defeated, I have felt overwhelmed, but the easiest thing for me to do is to stand up for myself and for others like me to fight for what we all need. What I am asking you to do, Mr. Peters, is to remember me, and all 1.2 Million of my supporters, when you go to battle for additional funding for us. We don't need the perfect package or bill- we need money in our bank accounts to pay our bills, feed our families, and carry on.

Kristin Snyder
Knix Studio
Creator of change.org: Save Our Salons! Covid-19 Beauty Industry Economic Hardship petition